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Drive in Double Features .WALK-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #10

GIRL ON THE RUN (1953) Richard Coogan, Rosemary Pettit, Frank Albertson, Charles Bolender, Harry Bannister, Renee De Milo, Edith King, Steve McQueen.  This sordid film-noir exploitation oddity is centered around a trashy burlesque carnival, which of course means lots of skimpily-dressed buxom beauties.  A crusading anti-vice editor has been murdered and the cops think the killer is hiding at the carnival.  Bolender, a real life dwarf, is wonderful as the seedy carnival owner; Coogan and Pettit are a young couple hiding from the cops; De Milo really struts her sexy stuff on stage; but it’s Edith King who nearly steals the show as the girls’ dressing room matron who knows more than she should. Cheap but ultra-cool. Watch for McQueen in his first film. 35mm.  

THE SCARLET WEB (1954) Hazel Court, Griffith Jones, Zena Marshall, Robert Percival.  What a great surprise this nifty (nifty is the word) British murder mystery turned out to be.  Insurance investigator Griffin Jones is duped by a gorgeous blonde and framed for murdering the wife of a rich businessman.  His boss, the beautiful Hazel Court, helps hide him from the cops until they can find out who the killer really is.  There are all kinds of twists and turns (with a nice touch of wit attached) in this cool thriller that’s a definite cut above the average fare.  You won’t be disappointed.  Very cool.  From 35mm.

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