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Drive in Double Features .WALK-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #9

BEES IN PARADISE (1944) Arthur Askey, Anne Shelton, Peter Graves, Ronald Shiner, Jean Kent, Antoinette Cellier. This may be the only Lost World-Lost Race musical comedy ever made.  It’s amazing this film has escaped the eye of sci-fi and fantasy historians, because in spite of its comedy and musical themes, there’s no doubt of the film’s fantastic cinema elements. Arthur and his pals are stranded on a lost island ruled by a strange race of beauties that run their island like a beehive. Men are needed occasionally for marriage and repopulating, but after mating they are executed! There’s also a massive temple watched over by a wild jungle woman who hypnotizes crocodiles!  Cellier is great as the queen of the island. Askey is at his best with his snappy comedic patter.  Askey’s athleticism is a thing to behold.  35mm.  

TIME FLIES (1944) Evelyn Dall, Tommy Handley, George Moon, Felix Aylmer. This is a marvelous sci-fi comedy about a quirky professor who’s invented a combo spaceship/time machine.  He and a couple of Broadway stars and a well-known con man shoot off into outer space.  When they arrive back on Earth they find themselves in London, circa 1650, where they fall into a series of adventures.  Dall and Handley are hysterical.  Great fun from start to finish.  From 35mm. 

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