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Drive in Double Features .DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #240

THE HORRIBLE SEXY VAMPIRE (1971, Anamorphic) Wal Davis, Barta Barri, Anastasio Campoy, Susan Carvasal.  In spite of its lurid title, this is a pretty good movie, similar in some ways to The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler.  A horrible series of killings, committed over a period of seven days, has been happening once every 28 years since the 1800s.  A baron-turned-vampire is suspected—a vampire that can sometimes be invisible!  The baron's handsome great grandson moves into his ancestor's castle to try and figure things out, but grisly killings continue. Rated R: nudity-violence. Great color, 35mm.  

CARNIVAL OF BLOOD (1970, Anamorphic) Earle Edgerton, Judith Resnick, Martin Barolsky, Burt Young, Kaly Mills. A real guilty pleasure—a film so crappy that it’s very enjoyable; and it’s just filled with ‘70s drive-in schlock. There’s a psycho-killer roaming the midway at Coney Island! The killer picks out his victims, then slays and dismembers them. It’s not pretty. The local DA investigates; but in spite of the peril, he still brings his fiancée to join him for some fun on the midway. We love this film.  Watch for the crowd reactions to the first decapitation scene—you’ll howl.  A grade Z gem.  Great color, 35mm.

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