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Armchair Fiction AGE-OLD KINGDOM, THE

Armchair fiction presents large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.  “The Age-Old Kingdom” by Captain A. E. “Sinbad” Dingle is the 56th installment of our "Lost World-Lost Race Classics" series.  Secret civilizations, jungle cruises, rescue attempts, and fierce battles…none of these were on Burton Kedgwick’s to-do list when he agreed to be Professor Marriott’s ship captain on a cruise from England to Manaos. But he was a man in love, and when the professor’s beautiful daughter, Dulcie, was kidnapped, he scoured the Amazon to find her. Trusting the vague stories heard from a street urchin and local natives, Burton found Dulcie in a secret civilization of a people long forgotten, descended from the Spanish conquerors centuries before. Their small land was overflowing with fabulous resources like gold and jewels.  Those who stumbled into this forgotten valley were often hypnotized by the intoxicating temptation of this seemingly limitless treasure. Brickley, the man who had abducted Dulcie, was a power hungry scoundrel who was also seduced by the lure of these riches.  Could Dulcie be saved from his grasp?  Burton soon discovered that her fate lay not with his ceaseless efforts, but with the inclinations of a woman whose beauty was so breathtaking that her subjects viewed her as something akin to a goddess.

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