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Armchair Fiction IN THE BEGINNING

Armchair fiction presents large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.  “In the Beginning” by Alan Sullivan is the 55th installment of our "Lost World-Lost Race Classics" series.  Prehistoric creatures still roamed the earth!  Through archeology and geology, humans have uncovered a bit of what life was like during Pleistocene epoch—known to most at the Ice Age. But unless time travel was possible, the uncovered secrets of the Ice Age would remain a mystery. That was until John Caxton received a letter from W. L. Withers, detailing his discovery of a megatherium, a giant ground sloth from the Pleistocene epoch when he was sailing on cargo ship. Withers postulated other creatures like it existed in a hidden valley near the Chubut River and urged Caxton to journey there and find out for himself. Caxton, being a scientist himself, was amazed by the contents of the letter and believed his colleague. A chance to uncover the secrets of the Ice Age, to see a saber-tooth tiger in person, was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Taking his daughter Jean, his servant Harrop, and Jean’s two suitors Gregory Burden and Phil Sylvester, Caxton and his research party set out to see if Withers’ claims were true.

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