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Armchair Fiction EYE OF THE GOD, THE

Armchair fiction presents large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.  “The Eye of the God” by B. G. Aston is the 52nd installment of our "Lost World-Lost Race Classics" series.  It seemed to make no sense.  Young Englishman Bill Rankin’s classmate, Terrence Sullivan, was like any other future-graduate on the pathway to success.  But when a local pal nearly drowned in front his eyes and was saved by a strangely-attired foreigner, everything—his past, his future, and most of all, his life—changed in an instant.  For when that heroic stranger broke back through the surface of the river with Sullivan’s waterlogged pal in tow, a connection, exceedingly ancient in nature, suddenly became apparent between the two of them.  And from that moment on Terrence Sullivan and Bill Rankin found themselves on a downward path—literally—straight into the sands of Egypt and into the heart of an ancient civilization that even the ancient Egyptians had never known.  B. G. Aston’s “Eye of the God” is an outstanding example of Lost World-Lost Race storytelling at its enjoyable best.

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