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Armchair Fiction CITY OF DESIRE, THE

Armchair fiction presents large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.  “The City of Desire” by Juanita Savage is the 50th installment of our "Lost World-Lost Race Classics" series.  When Nora Warwick was born, her father Professor Desmond Warwick would never forgive her for not being a boy.  But her gender did not stop him from teaching her how to shoot and ride; how to accept discomforts and hardships without complaint; and how to “greet the unknown with a cheer.”  A similar attitude he used himself on his various expeditions to parts unknown.  And It would be on an expedition to Mexico (retracing the footsteps of a missing American archeologist) that Professor Warwick himself would also disappear!  In tracking the final traces of her father, Nora was led to the valley “Lyoboa," a place haunted by spirits that live in the bowels of the mountains surrounding it.  This evil underground lair was said to be a place from which no man ever returned.  But Nora was no man, and she vowed to set out to this forsaken valley, find her father, and then return!  Nora believed she was mistress of her own destiny, but it seemed destiny had its own designs in store for her when she discovered a passage into the mountain itself, and a harrowing mystery within. 

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