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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is “Disciples of Destiny” by science fiction pulp specialist Don Wilcox.  Who, or what, was this being named Bill Graygortch?  And what was the mystery of the castle of Flinfiord?  What weird purpose was behind the machinations of this strange man Graygortch?  What caused the rash of terrible storms and cataclysmic earthquakes?  What had they to do with the massive war that was now sweeping over the face of the Earth?  Had Jag Rouse, Graygortch’s sinister underling, reached the pinnacle of his evil deeds for his master?  Would the strange cripple named Jimpson still have more of his “statistics” to gather?  Here in Flinfiord castle, with its mixture of medieval superstition and out-of-this-world science, something fantastic was brewing that would have far-reaching consequences on the fate of both mankind and the planet Earth itself.  The second novel is an exciting tale on a distant planet, Thomas Scortia’s “Genius Loci.”  Whoever heard of a plant blight that affected humans?  Well, they had one on this new off-planet frontier colony of New Glendale; and Alfred Cadis, an agricultural scientist, was expected to track down the problem and fix it.  But that was only a minor mystery—a bigger enigma was the matter of things freezing, especially when the temperature normally never fell below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. But as he investigated the situation, more questions than answers began to arise as the paths of the two problems became intertwined in a maze of mystery.  Could Cadis figure out a solution before the blight killed everyone and everything in sight?  Would it spell doom for the entire colony?  Or would Mother Nature clarify the situation by simply freezing everything on the planet.

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