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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is a “can’t-put-it-down” gem by Erik Fennel, “Black Priestess of Varda.”  Could an ancient prophecy save their race?  The world of Varda was a dimension of mystical, breathtaking landscapes that held infinite hope and dreams. It’s snow-capped mountain peaks held the finest water, which flowed down into lakes and streams; and it’s forests were filled with lush moss-covered ground and dense magnificent trees. It was a peaceful paradise to the Vardans for centuries. Then the Luvans, followers of the Great Sasso, came through the Gateway and decimated everything in their path. The once rolling green hills became a sinister, barren, jagged wasteland poisoned with blistering heat, and infertile lands. The ugly, bruiting Luvans corrupted the Vardans and induced them into following the Great Sasso, kidnapping those who resisted for slavery and sacrifice. It soon became apparent that the Vardan race was hopelessly mired in subjugation—until the appearance of a strange man from the “Closed-World,” a man prophesised to lead the Vardans to freedom.  The second novel is “Barton’s Island” by sci-fi vet, Harl Vincent.  Could his scientific revolution succeed?  Jerome Carter had everything he could ever want—and more money and power than any one man should be allowed to have. The country had a president, sure; but he was nothing but an empty face and an empty suit. It was Carter who called the shots; it was Carter who was the real dictator.  But in a country where the lower and upper classes of society were forcibly separated by their corrupt government, Philip Barton’s vanguard of revolutionists sought to liberate the oppressed and bring their government to its knees through the use of Barton’s world-changing technological discovery.  The task at hand was not an easy one, however, especially with Carter and the government closing in on Barton’s operation.  Could Barton implement his discovery and bring about positive change? Or would Carter’s reign of tyranny prevail, leaving the country more divided than ever?

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