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 (1970) Enver Özer, Feri Cansel, Süleyman Turan, Orçun Alkan, Altan Günbay.  A wonderfully awful, grade-Z Turkish superhero film, whose badness is so enticing you’ll find yourself watching it all the way through in one sitting—and you’ll be amazed at yourself for doing it.  The hero is “Iron Fist,” who goes around in a mask.  He wears a shirt with a kind of Superman emblem on it and wears a kind of Batman belt.  The scene where his girlfriend bursts in on him and a half-naked woman is hysterically bad.  He goes around beating the snot out of the bad guys, who include a wheelchair-bound Fumanchu character in drag; a bevy of bikini-clad girls with machine guns; there’s even a gang of crazy Russian thugs, whose leader has a metal hand with knives for fingers. How cool is that!  At stake is some priceless Uranium, but does the plot even matter? The sci-fi elements are only slight, but again…who cares?  The patched together music score lends itself to the overall badness of this colossal turkey.  This is just bloody awful.  A must.  English subs. From 16mm.

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