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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction and fantasy double novels with original illustrations.  The leadoff novel is a fantasy masterpiece that has a touch of horror thrown in for good measure: “A likeness to Voices” by Mary Savage, who was the widow of mystery writer Brett Halliday.  Was it marital bliss—or black magic?  Stanley Withers felt bewitched… (How was it that he looked older every year and his wife didn’t?) Bothered… (How did his wife always know what he was thinking?) …and bewildered!  (How was it possible, after fifteen years of marriage, to still desire your own wife as if she were a new bride?) The answer turned out to be shockingly simple. Stanley thought he had married an angel—and he couldn’t have been more wrong!  “Sends icy little fingers up the reader’s spine…  Don’t miss this unusual novel.”  —BATON ROUGE ADVOCATE.  The second novel is by veteran science fiction author, Robert Moore Williams, who spins a wild sci-fi tale with “The Son of Death.” He was hunted by a relentless enemy.  Someone or some thing was after him—wanted to kill him, wanted to take his life and erase his existence from the earth.  John Ward had known this as long he could remember.  He had been a fugitive from a seemingly imminent death that had stalked him since childhood.  Year after year he had escaped near “accidental” deaths.  But now John Ward was 21 years old and he wanted answers.  Who was he?  Who were his parents?  But most of all, who wanted to kill him—and why?  For at long last John had decided to stop being a fugitive and to stop living in fear…  From now on he would become the hunter.  It would all lead to a forlorn knoll in the middle of a vast swamp in the blackness of night.  There he would uncover not only the secrets of his past but a plot against Earth that was so massive in scope that it defied human imagination. 

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