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Armchair Fiction FINAL WAR, THE & MATRIX

Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The leadoff novel is a grim yet engrossing tale of the madness of future war, “The Final War” by Carl W. Pohr.  It would be the war to end all wars!  Many attempts have been made in the past to picture what a future war would really be like.  Good stories have resulted, and many of these have been published via hardcover, paperback, and pulp magazine over the years.  However, we can say with a certain degree of confidence that there has rarely been a story that approaches the brutal, vivid, and eloquent descriptions of Carl W. Spohr’s “The Final War.”  He knew war, not as one who read about it, but as an artillery officer in the German army who went through four bloody years of hell during the great World War of 1914-1918.  In picturing the utter devastation of a future War, Spohr wisely chose not to use the names of any actual nations.  There was no attempt to show one side as wrong or the other as right.  To Spohr that made no difference.  The thing that was uppermost in his mind was to show—as convincingly as possible—the utter suicidality of massive wars; so much so that nations in the future will simply refuse to fight.  We hardly know of any story that is quite like “The Final War.”  It is truly the “All Quiet on the Western Front” of science fiction.  The second novel is veteran sci-fi author Rog Phillip’s wonderful tale, “Matrix.”  Craig Brown had been told his friend Ned Brooke had died. Charlie, Ned’s guide, had seen his death with his own eyes. However, Craig was not certain about the legitimacy of Ned’s death after reading the letter Ned wrote to him about a so-called “matrix” that existed at the Sacred Mountain, where the traditional definition of reality did not exist and immortality was indeed possible.  Curious and yearning to find out Ned’s bizarre fate, Craig Brown set out on a mission to the arctic wastelands of the north, seeking the mysterious Scared Mountain, where the land was desolate and barely hospitable enough to sustain life. Taking with him only food, a pack of sled dogs, and Ned’s former guide Charlie, Craig quickly realized that the Scared Mountain was no ordinary snow-capped summit; it was a spine-chilling monolith filled with an alien danger that disobeyed the laws of physics. Craig knew he would need to be vigilant, because in this fantastic region one could never tell what was real…and what was not!

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