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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The leadoff novel is “Valley of Invisible Men” by one of the best science fiction authors of the 20th Century, Edmond Hamilton.  A lost race, empowered by the might of a lost god!  Special agent Mark Bradford’s plane had crash-landed in the unexplored jungles of the Matto Grosso region, on a massive plateau smack dab in the unknown heart of wildest Brazil.  It was the greatest blank spot left upon the maps of the Earth.  And it was on this forgotten plateau that an astonishing power lay hidden—the power of the Shining God, whose rays rendered anything they touched completely invisible!  This power was guarded and protected by a lost civilization, the Korlu, all of whom were clothed in this invisibility.  But Bradford knew the stakes were high.  He had searched madly for the Korlu in hopes of finding them before enemy agents of the Baltic Empire could lay claim to this incredible power—a power they would use to enslave the entire planet.  Bradford knew the Baltic agents were hot on the trail, and once the secret was in their hands, the fate of the free world was grim indeed.  The second novel is “Doorway to Hell” by renowned science fiction author and editor Raymond A. Palmer.  Did hell’s gates really yawn before him?  They were huge bronze doors, incredibly heavy, solidly imbedded into the outside wall of a bank building.  Yet they were strictly for decorative purposes and couldn’t really open.  In fact, according to the bank manager himself, a dynamite charge wouldn't be able to blast them open.  But in spite of all this, a roving newspaper reporter had seen those doors fling open.  He’d seen an incredible red glare flowing from them out onto the street; he’d seen the gargoylish creature guarding the entryway; he’d seen the long stone stairway that led down to smoky, fiery depths below; and he’d seen the beautiful woman standing at the top of those steps—naked as the day she was born.  Yes, ace reporter Arnett Huston knew he was glimpsing into the depths of some mysterious underworld.  It was abundantly clear that a hell of a story had just fallen into his lap—in more ways than one!

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