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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The opening novel is renowned science fiction author Jack Williamson’s “The Angel from Hell.”  Was she an angel or a she-devil with wings?  Stranded in the North-China desert after a harrowing battle in the sky, pilot Carter Boyd’s worries were not of thirst, hunger, or the potentially deadly Mongolian hordes that awaited him on his lonely trek through the harsh desert back to his base. No…the only thoughts in Carter’s mind were of the beautiful birdlike female creature who had destroyed his plane, yet had set his heart racing wildly with a passion he had never felt before. Who was this bright-winged golden bird-woman who had captured his heart? Where had this creature with her curves of shining yellow velvet down, elfin golden skin, and bright-colored wings come from? And what was the exotic rhythm of maddening music she played that caused his plane to crash into the hot desert sands? These questions and more hammered at Carter Boyd’s brain.  Of one thing he was certain, he must find this hell-spawned golden bird-girl to at last dispel the shadow of tragedy that had plagued his Earthman’s heart.The second novel is  Emmett McDowell’s “The Wandering Egos.”  This is a fascinating science fiction tale about the deepest core of the human brain.  “Plain John” Bancroft thought he knew what he was getting into when he agreed to become a guinea pig for Doctor Nickolai Kurlov’s tests on the human  brain and its memory systems.  But things weren’t so simple as they seemed; and while probing regions of the cerebral cortex that had never been tapped into before, Kurlov discovered Bancroft’s “wandering” ego—a part of the brain that included not just Bancroft’s own life essence and deep-rooted memories, but the life essences and memories of others as well.  These “others” were far beyond anything Bancroft has expected to encounter.  In fact, it was a scientific breakthrough that would send his life spiraling out of control.  And before long Plain John Bancroft found his consciousness intermixed into the mind of an otherworldly being, essentially a captive audience to the last days of a dying planet.


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