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Armchair Fiction MURDER CAN'T WAIT

Armchair Fiction presents large, deluxe editions of classic mystery-crime novels. “Murder Can’t Wait” is the name of this hardboiled novel, written by Manning Stokes. A million dollars was waiting at the end of a murderous plot. To say Vince Donnellen was down on his luck would be an understatement. He was flat broke and only had thirty-three bucks in his pocket. His P. I. business had gone down the drain and the woman he liked, Yvette Farrell, would never marry him because he lacked the cash to fund her lavish lifestyle, for which she flirted so tirelessly. So Yvette cut Donnellen loose and went fishing for an even bigger, more handsome, and wealthier shark named David Fenston. After landing Fenston, Yvette even took pity on Donnellen, and got him a job with Fenston—a job that promised to make all of his money woes disappear overnight. The job was simple: Donnellen was to transport Fenston’s niece to a sanitarium where she would hopefully be cured of her severe drinking problem. But this simple job was far more involved than just taking a wayward girl for a ride. Then again, maybe it wasn’t…

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