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(1946) Vladimir Druzhnikov, Yekaterina Derevshchikova, Tamara Makarova, Mikhail Yanshin.  Simply put, this is a brilliant, beautiful-to-look-at fantasy of the highest order.  You will be enchanted with the dreamlike quality of this film.  It’s like watching a sublime painting that’s come to life.  A wonderful music score enhances the splendor of this classic film.  It is a simple tale of a stone cutter and his love of a young maiden; and of his subsequent seduction by the beautiful enchantress of a mysterious mountain filled with magnificent stones and gems.  The colors and costumery of this film are breathtaking.  The soviet filmmakers obviously spared no expense—lavish sets, marvelous special effects, wonderful cinematography…wow.  The scenes inside the mountain, with its enormous, sparkling sets, are things normally only seen in one’s dreams.  Watch for the wonderful scene where the heroine walks around a lake, depicting the passing of the seasons—the leaves of the trees turning from green to brown and then falling death-like to the moist ground below.  The unveiling of the giant stone flower deep within the mountain is another unforgettable moment.  If you have any appreciation for fantasy you simply must see this marvelous film.  With English subtitles.  Gorgeous color, from 35mm

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