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Armchair Fiction SNOW RUBIES

Armchair fiction presents extra-large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.  Written by famed British India author Ganpat, “Snow Rubies” is the 46th installment of our "Lost World-Lost Race Classics" series.  The story concerns a mysterious valley in a distant part of the world.  A passage lost to time lay undiscovered until Commander Frank Weston unwittingly happened upon a small depression in a cliff-side.  Behind this, hidden away in the treacherous icy heart of mountains, was a valley that should not exist.  With the endless melting snow from the vast surrounding mountains, this natural basin should be filled to the brim with icy water.  But after exploring this natural wonder, Weston’s days of stalking leopards and ibex through the wilds would come to an abrupt halt.  Half-hidden on a treacherous valley cliff he discovered something that, hundreds of miles away from any settlement, had no reason for being there—a dead body!  And with this grim discovery, Weston stumbled head first into a baffling mystery.  Just who was the dead man, who had buried him, and what was the strange rock necklaced around his neck?  These were the questions Weston sought to answer, and after a year of waiting, his destiny carried him back to those terrible cliffs to find the truth and unknowingly uncover a sinister secret.

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