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(1971) Jack Hedley, John Carson, Alethea Charlton, Sonia Graham. A brilliant scientist has a fantastic plan to secure research money.  He has invented an amazing machine that transfers the mind of one person into the body of another.  He and his wife lure their financial backer into their home and drug him.  Then, in a cool lab scene, they pull off the big switcheroo.  Now the husband is free to waltz in to his backer’s work place and authorize payments to his own bank account.  But it turns out to be not quite so easy when he discoverers how corrupt his backer really is.  On top of that, the backer, now in the scientist’s body, seems to have designs on the scientist’s attractive, scheming wife.  This British TV feature has a dazzling array of plot twists, all tied together in a terrific climax.  Very cool.  Nice color. 

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