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The Anamorphic Experiment

Special Anamorphic !! THE ANAMORPHIC EXPERIMENT !!

PLEASE READ:  We understand the sanctity of movies originally shot in the full screen, 1.33:1 format, which is pretty much everything from 1953/1954 on back.  And we respect it.  However, there are still many fans who would love to somehow see these older films in the anamorphic widescreen format—either 1.66:1 or 1.85:1 or higher.  At first we considered this unthinkable, but with the new editing software of today we have been able to go through older, classic films and pull an anamorphic picture out of them that makes sense and doesn’t deter from the film’s original camera composition.  So we tried this on eight classic films.  We went through them scene by scene, sometimes shot by shot, adjusting the framing to make sure we had the best possible screen composition.  We found that the 1.85:1 format was pushing it a bit, so we decided to use 1.66:1, the British anamorphic standard of the 1950s-1970s. (our opening credits are at approximately 1.50:1 with the bodies of the films at 1.66:1).  We think they turned out very nice, and the print quality is great.  For you purists, keep in mind that these do not replace the original 1.33:1 versions, but will be offered in addition to them.  In other words, we’re offering the best of both worlds.  Some films, like The Hitch-Hiker, The Human Monster, and Face at the Window, seem to naturally fall into the anamorphic format.  They came out really well.  So we hope you enjoy this “experiment” and look forward to your feedback.  All titles in this section are available for only...

$12.95 each, plus shipping.

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