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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The leadoff novel is “Strange Mission” by sci-fi and fantasy veteran Howard Browne.  Arthur Pendran was like most average joes: young, able and ready to join the war efforts. The only problem was his colorblindness that had prevented any doctor from clearing him for active duty.  After the sixth rejection, Pendran believed his efforts to enlist were over.  He went to bed that night defeated, dejected, and drunk.  But what was supposed to be a night of bland, boring sleep turned into a time-traveling mission of epic proportions.  Arthur, transported to the past by the one and only Merlin, discovered he was a direct descendant of King Arthur and was therefore tasked with finding a mysterious cup. Somewhere in German occupied France, this cup laid and on it hinged victory or defeat for the Allies.  Will Arthur be able to retrieve the cup in time?  Or will the Germans get their hands on it before he is able to set a foot on French soil?  The second novel is Paul Ernst’s exciting tale, “The Raid on the Termites.”  Into the tiny corridors of crawling death!  Denny Braymer had always been fascinated with bugs: small bugs, big bugs—all bugs really; but especially termites. Believing them to be superior to humans, he dedicated much of his research to their behavior.  Research through books and papers only took him so far, however. What he really wanted was to somehow gain entrance into a termite hill and see for himself what these pint-sized creatures were like up close and personal. It was impossible, though, for the human body was just too darned big!  However, by a miracle of science, the opportunity to actually explore a termite hill came along when Braymer’s scientist pal, Matthew Breen, discovered the secret to shrinking living organisms.  With his partner, Jim Holden, Braymer jumped at the chance to study the creatures for which he’d had a lifetime’s worth of fascination.  So armed with splinters of steel, two ant-sized men dared the formidable mysteries of a termitary…

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