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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The leadoff novel is “The Secret of Elena’s Tomb” by Karl Tanzler von Cosel. This is a novelized true story of death and rejuvenation. And readers beware, this frightfully delicious tale of love, obsession, and science gone mad is morbidly true and not for the faint of heart. Read here the disturbing memoirs of the demented doctor himself, Karl Tanzler von Cosel who would capture the nation’s headlines after the discovery of his seven-year-long decent into depravity. In his own words, the wayward doctor will describe his rise into heaven as he falls helplessly for the beautiful Elena Hoyos, followed by his decent into the pit of degeneracy and madness upon her death. But within Cosel’s mind an idea was forming—resurrection! So for seven years after her death, Dr. Karl Von Cosel would toil endlessly, tinkering and experimenting in a morbid attempt to bring his dearly departed “bride” back to life. Read if you dare, this twisted tale of love, despair, and utter madness. The second novel is Amazing Stories regular Leroy Yerxa’s “Witch of Blackfen Moor.” Summoned just before midnight, Doctor Thaddius Quantry raced to the looming fortress of Blackfen manor, which stood in the desolation of the moors as an unwavering beacon in the darkness. As he neared the manor, an agonized scream broke through the eerie stillness of the moor. The young mistress of the house was in labor; but this birth would be like none the seasoned doctor had ever encountered, thoroughly shaking every fiber of his being. Young Pamela Brewster’s child was something different, something strange, something…terrifying—the embodiment of the devil himself! In an attempt to hide the truth, the horrified doctor claimed the unhappy wife and newborn had both died in labor. But he knew the terrible truth…the monstrous child had been whisked away and given to the forgotten residents from the deepest part of the moors. However, this horror would not be forgotten, and would eventually come slithering back to Blackfen Moor some twenty years later!

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