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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction and horror double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is P. F. Costello’s “The Devil Downstairs.” All hell was about to break loose.  Old Scratch, the Prince of Darkness, Lord of the Flies, Lucifer, Satan—THE DEVIL HIMSELF—was nothing like the red, pitchfork-baring imp of lore, but was a putrid beast of green whose small body was covered in gnarled hair. Simply catching his smirk from the shadows or just the evil gleam in his eye was enough to put you under his spell. For millennia he had stood atop the world, spreading his evil and wreaking havoc wherever he went; so to find himself captured and chained in the darkness of a suburban basement was certainly a shock to his ego. He had allowed a private detective and his wife to put one over on him; but he would have his revenge—as soon as he could get loose of those confounded shackles! Sulking in the darkness, he thought: “Without me, you mortals would be in trouble.  Your whole world would go to hell!” For now, though, he would just have to wait and stew.   But the Devil didn’t forget…or forgive!  The second novel is “Invaders from the Dark” by Weird Tales veteran Greye La Spina.  She had the attributes of horror itself:  devilish eyes that glittered like an unholy garnet in the dark; sharp teeth wickedly peaking from unnaturally red, parted lips, which were a scarlet streak on an ashen-white face; perfectly manicured, almond-shaped nails set on perfectly lovely hands that only showed one anomaly—an elongated third finger!  Those of you who have a keen understanding of what these signs entail know what terror lies within the very pages of this story; but for those who can only guess…read on! For this manuscript details the harrowing experience of Sophie Delorme’s decent into the occult and the deadly occurrence in a small Massachusetts village where evil came to live…

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