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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first of our two novels David H. Keller’s “The Abyss.” Bustling streets full of people, honking yellow taxis, hollering newspaper boys, and the smell of hot dog carts under a magnificent, ever growing city skyline encapsulates the chaotic beauty of New York City. But as good things come to an end, beauty never lasts either. A mysterious chewing gum contest in the Big Apple (which was secretly a mad experiment by the maddest of mad scientists) marked the birth of one of the most horrific times in the city’s history. The busy streets became home to endless mass murders, savage psychotic behavior, world-conquering law enforcement, demonic children, and ludicrous new religions. The people that had made New York City quickly transformed into the people that would destroy it. No one knew how it happened or how to fix it. Overnight, the frenzied peace of the city that never sleeps was gone and what replaced it was a hellish dystopia; and what started out as a devilish experiment quickly became a statewide catastrophe that reverberated waves of chaos and mass murder throughout the nation and the world. The second novel is “Invaders from the Void” by Amazing Stories’ Russell Branch. They called it the “Creeping Death.” The fungus started as a few spores but quickly engulfed Earth in an orange dystopian blaze of death. Everything the fungus touched, it swallowed up with an insatiable hunger. Nothing was safe. The world’s governments fell, magnificent cities and landmarks were destroyed, and millions died. Earth became a jungle of rioting, crumbling buildings, and decaying bodies. Life, as the people of Earth knew it, was gone and replaced by the need for savage survival. Oxygen helmets were one of the few gadgets that could protect people from the blight, but before long they were scarce. So when the government chose to give Ron Patterson a helmet (the man who brought the spores of the “Creeping Death” to Earth) the people took to the streets and rioted. Giving humanity’s bringer of death and destruction a means of protection was an outrage—and it put an even bigger target on Patterson’s back. So he was faced with two choices, stay on the surface world and face certain death from the mob, or escape into the depths of the Earth where he would live out the remainder of his days—unless the blight got to him first!

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