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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is “Faster Than Light” written by a great author from the golden age of science fiction, Harl Vincent. This exciting space opera tale is the sequel to Vincent’s “Venus Liberated.” After high adventures on Venus, Ralph and Margaret Prescott had settled into a mundane life on Earth. Within a year that monotony had become like a boat anchor, holding down their lives. Ralph and Margaret had a sense of yearning that persisted more and more as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. They hungered for the adventure and thrill of outer space. Then one day things changed dramatically. An old Venusian pal, Steve Gillette, had come back to Earth with important news: Venus’s precious energy resources were dwindling to dangerously low levels. To combat this issue, their friends Teddy Crowley and Professor Timkin had developed a fantastic spacecraft that ran on a new kind of atomic power. Their mission was to travel to the Procyon system to gather the radium that would help power these new atomic engines and solve the energy crisis on Venus. And soon they were all traveling across the void in this new, revolutionary spaceship—a ship that would carry them at speeds faster than light! This double novel combo’s second tale is Amazing Stories editor Raymond A. Palmer’s “The Test Tube Girl.” As World War II came to a close, humanity had yet to realize that its demise was already set in stone. Doomed by the very technology it had created, mankind would soon fall prey to a depraved ray weapon created by the Third Reich—a weapon that would have far-reaching consequences beyond the battlefields of war. Hitler’s scientists had created a deadly beam that had disrupted natural electrical waves around the world, scrambling the very genetic material of all human life. Women were stricken with sterility and those who could conceive gave birth to genetic monsters! The world collapsed in the wake of this cataclysm and the poor souls who remained were driven to near madness. Only three scientists remained who could correct humanity’s plight. Could these men discover the key to the world’s salvation, or was mankind doomed to extinction?

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