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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. This double novel’s first tale is Berkeley Livingston’s “Dimensions Unlimited.” They had an all-expenses paid trip to another dimension! A string of missing persons reports had left Lieutenant Corbett stumped for months. None of the victims really had anything in common except for the ten thousand dollars they were all promised if they went to a mysterious, undisclosed location. There was no reason Corbett could find as to why each man simply disappeared without a trace, because each of the six men were big shots in their own right and didn’t need the money. The pressure to find them was growing and as Corbett was going through the facts yet again, his fellow police officers picked up Rod Terry, a gangster and bodyguard for Tony Cella, the most recent man to go missing. Terry knew the exact location of Cella’s disappearance. It turned out to be an abandoned office room that didn’t look like much—just a desk and a chair. Little did Corbett know that a phenomenon beyond the boundaries of science and reason had occurred there—one that he would soon experience himself… The second great tale is “The Quest in Time” written by all-time science fiction great, Edmond Hamilton. They were time traveling for ancient treasure! He was on the brink of a revolutionary scientific breakthrough, something that would rock the scientific world; but if Doctor John Madison wanted to continue his research in human mind transference, he would need a sizable infusion of cold hard cash. So what did he do? Madison came up with the most fantastic scheme imaginable—he would send a man back in time to discover the whereabouts of the lost Aztec Treasure of Montezuma himself. Such a fortune would not only fund his future research, but also provide a lavish future for both him and his family. However, even the best laid plans can sometimes go awry, and when Madison’s right hand man failed to return with the treasure’s location, it fell upon his daughter Kay’s shoulders to plunge into the past and figure out what had gone wrong. But when she also failed to return, Madison sent a desperate plea to the one man he knew could help, Kay’s fiancé Nick Clark, who would soon find himself transported to the deadliest days of Mexico’s ancient past! 

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