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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #218

ALICE, OR THE LAST ESCAPADE (1977, Anamorphic) Sylvia Kristel, Charles Vanel, Ferdinand Ledoux, Francois Perrot. A woman drives through the night on a lonely road.  After a breakdown, she seeks help from a strange man and his butler who reside in a nearby creepy mansion.  The woman spends the night, but next morning she finds no trace of her host or his servant.  Finding her car repaired, she tries to leave but finds it impossible to exit the estate grounds.  It becomes clear that she is lost in a fantastic paradox that defies reality.  A beautiful yet subtly terrifying film with many haunting moments.  Similar to Carnival of Souls with a great twist ending.  Rated R for nudity.  English subtitles.  Top color, 35mm.     

FOOTPRINTS ON THE MOON (1976, Anamorphic) Florinda Balkon, Klaus Kinski, John Karlsen, Peter McEnery. An astronaut is purposely left on the moon as part of a bizarre experiment. Meanwhile a woman on Earth wakes to find that she has no memory of the last several days. What is the connection between her and the weird experiment? An engrossing combination of sci-fi, mystery, and psychological thriller elements.  The climax packs a punch.  Aka Le Orme.  Great color, 35mm.

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