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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #216

THE 1000 EYES OF DR. MABUSE (1960, Anamorphic) Peter Van Eyck, Gert Frobe, Dawn Addams, Wolfgang Preiss, Werner Peters. Fritz Lang’s swan song with the fiendish Dr. Mabuse committing a series of murders in a posh hotel, which is filled with all kinds of strange scientific gadgets. Van Eyck plays the rich Yank who tries to figure it all out.  Who is the mysterious clairvoyant who seems to know far more than he should? The terrific climax features an exciting car chase with bullets flying! Preiss is, without a doubt, the best Dr. Mabuse. A great, great film! From 35mm.      

THEY STOLE THE BOMB (1961) Eugenia Balaure, Haralambie Boros, Emil Botta, Horia Caciulescu, Florin Piersic.  This is perhaps the most offbeat sci-fi film ever made. It starts with a man accidentally walking into an atomic test area.  He is nabbed by a squad of men dressed like spacemen, all of whom wield big ray guns.  He is soon released, but later finds himself the recipient of a fantastic suitcase A-bomb, which is sought after by a wily gang of crooks.  Lots of weird sci-fi gadgets and effects throughout. Unique and quite well done.  Aka S-A Furat O Bomba. 16mm.

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