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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #213

TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD (1972, Anamorphic Widescreen) Caesar Burner, Lone Fleming, Joseph Thelman.  Members of a weird cult are blinded by crows and put to death for sacrificing women.  They return from the dead as marauding mummified skeletons on horseback.  One of the better Euro-horror chillers from the ‘70s for sure. Described by some critic’s as Spain’s Night of the Living Dead.  The amazing horseback chase scene is way cool!  At 88 minutes, this may be the longest English language version available.  Beautiful color, from a gorgeous 35mm print. 

SEVEN DEATHS IN THE CAT’S EYE (1972, Anamorphic) Jane Birkin, Hiram Kelly, Francoise Christophe, Anton Diffring.  A horrible beast is on the loose!  It slaughters people in a small, remote village in Scotland.  What are the dread secrets contained within the walls of the nearby castle?  Is there truth to the legend of a monstrous killer cat? A really gritty Euro-horror that’s easy to sink your teeth into—pun intended.  Great color 35mm.

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