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Armchair Fiction AMULET OF TARV, THE

Armchair fiction presents deluxe paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. “The Amulet of Tarv” by Percy F. Kensett is an intriguing lost race novel, crossing modern man with a mighty warrior from Earth’s dim past. Within the cold forests of the English countryside, among the damp greenery shrouded in an unrelenting mist, lay the ancient ruins of the Celtic Wolstonbury Camp in the South Downs of England. Within its crumbling boundaries and overgrown brush, a curious trinket, an amulet, was waiting to be discovered. This artifact of an ancient time would allow the thin veil of Celtic magic that separated the spirits of past and present to be bridged—with fantastic consequences that would bend time itself. And should an unsuspecting soul acquire such an item, they would be attuned to sights and sounds that might spur accusations of madness from their peers. So when a modern Britisher named John Griffiths did indeed discover this fossilized ornament, he could not have suspected its mystic properties or that this ancient relic was once the amulet of a man whose exploits from 1,000 B.C. were so legendary it would leave him rattled to the inner marrow of his English bones.

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