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Armchair Fiction WANING OF A WORLD, THE

Armchair fiction presents deluxe paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. W. Elwyn Backus’ great novel, “The Waning of a World” is a classic of interplanetary space travel. Could there be intelligent life on Mars? Maybe…just maybe. There had been much speculation and debate about the mysteries of Mars among the brilliant scientific minds of Earth for decades. Did the planet support life long ago and could it still? Could one survive on the planet if given the right resources? Many questions liked these plagued the minds of scientists, especially that of Professor Bernard Palmer. As Palmer studied Mars from a world away, he discovered what appeared to be an artificial canal system running across the planet’s surface, a sign that the planet might support some form of intelligent life. Through continuous study, Palmer became more and more convinced that Mars might still be inhabited by living, thinking beings. Fellow scientist Robert Sprague had heard of the Professor’s theories and presented him with a once in a lifetime opportunity—go to Mars and discover once and for all if there was indeed life on the distant planet’s surface. With a course to Mars laid in, the duo set out on a once-in-a-lifetime interplanetary adventure knowing it was possible, if not likely, they would never return home.

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