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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #212

SEVEN BLOOD-STAINED ORCHIDS (1972, ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN) Antonio Sabato, Uschi Glass, Rossella Falk, Pier Paolo Copponi. A black-gloved killer is on the loose, leaving crescent moon medallions at the scene of his killings. Sabato and Glass are the newlyweds who are threatened by the maniac. They set out to hunt him down when the incompetence of the local police leaves them with no other choice. The “drill” murder scene is pretty grim. Very atmospheric and most enjoyable. This Giallo thriller was directed by Umberto Lenzi. Great color, widescreen, from 35mm.

HORROR EXPRESS (1972, ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN) Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Telly Savalis, Silvia Tortosa, Alberto de Mendoza, Helga Line.  An ancient monster is found frozen in a glacier by Lee and his excavation team.  It’s being shipped back to civilization on board the Trans-Siberian express when it returns to life and wreaks murder and mayhem, murdering the passengers one or two at a time.  When Savalis and his troops show up, things REALLY get out of hand. The scene with slain soldiers rising from the dead to aid the monster is a wow.   Extremely well done.  From a beautiful color widescreen 35mm print.   

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