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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #203

JOURNEY BENEATH THE DESERT (1961 aka THE LOST KINGDOM, ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN) Haya Harareet, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Georges Riviere, Rad Fulton, directed by Edgar G. Ulmer.  This sci-fi fantasy concerns lost aviators who find the entrance to Atlantis at a nuclear blast site in the desert.  They face many perils and find themselves pitted against an evil Queen, played with a pronounced sexual aura by Harareet, who is easily one of the most finely sculpted women in film history—a true beauty.  Watch for her semi-nude bathing scene.  This is a deceptively good film with great sets and some fine visual effects. Great music score, too. PLEASE NOTE:  We have done something a little different with this double feature.  You will receive two discs.  The first disc has the anamorphic sidescreen edition of JOURNEY BENEATH THE DESERT, the second disc contains the full screen edition, the rest of the contents of each disc are identical.  We did this because our widescreen edition of JOURNEY BENEATH THE DESERT, which came from an outside source, is a little softer (but still very watchable) than usual.  The color, though, is gorgeous.  The full screen edition has a much crisper video image, but the color, while decent, isn't as vibrant.  

TERROR OF THE MAD DOCTOR (1962, ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN) Gert Frobe, Wolfgang Preiss, Senta Berger, Helmut Schmid, Charles Regnier.  A nice remake of Fritz Lang's 1933 classic.  Frobe is a police Inspector investigating a series of sinister crimes that point to Dr. Mabuse.  However, Mabuse is safely locked away in Professor Polland's insane asylum.  Little do they know, though, that Polland is under Dr. Mabuse’s hypnotic spell.  This is a great film, transferred from a gorgeous anamorphic 35mm print.

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