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Armchair Fiction RADIO BEASTS, THE

Armchair fiction presents large deluxe paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.  Ralph Milne Farley’s “The Radio Beasts” is a classic science fiction story, much in the vein of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Accidentally shot into space while conducting experiments with the radio transmission of matter, Myles Cabot had inadvertently landed on Venus, and in two short, thrill-filled years he had changed the entire course of civilization on that far-off world.  He led the humanoid race of Cupians to victory over the monstrous ant men, married the lovely Cupian princess Lilla, and proceeded to make scientific discoveries in peace, until… In one sweeping blow, the ant men came roaring back in fierce retaliation.  Cabot soon found himself alone in an alien land, his King murdered, his wife unprotected in a castle miles to the north, and his people vanquished.  So northward he marched, a million terrifying obstacles in his way, with only his unshakable desire to liberate his adopted people and save his loved one to keep him going.

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