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Armchair fiction presents large deluxe paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels.  Jack Williamson and Miles Breuer’s “The Birth of a New Republic” is a grand adventure of interplanetary pioneering.   The moon was an inhospitable place. It had virulently hot days and the nights saw the temperature fall well below zero.  There were also strange, often-dangerous creatures found on the lunar surface, not the least of which was a race of hostile elephantine creatures that roamed the craters after sunset. Yet in spite of these many dangers, man had conquered the moon and colonized its surface.  The moon was rich in precious metals and for rugged, pioneering individuals, the opportunities were endless.  So mankind came to the moon in droves, its human inhabitants safe in their glass-domed cities.  But just as in the American Revolution, there came a day when the moon’s inhabitants tired of the unfair policies of mother Earth and strove to break free.  However, this time the oppressive forces came not from across the ocean but from across space itself.  It was the dawn of the first interplanetary war!  This then, is the fantastic tale of that conflict and of the men and women who fought back against the technologically weaponized space invaders who sought to suppress them.   

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