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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first offering is “The War-Nymphs of Venus” penned by veteran sci-fi author Ray Cummings.  Nereid had it all. She was young, blonde, and beautiful. Every man on Venus wanted her and every girl on Venus envied her. But there was much more to her than the superficialities of beauty. Nereid was a strong, determined war-nymph, a mermaid-like warrior of the sea.  Nereid’s people of the city Arron were merry and lively, but the invasion of the Gort people—savage, partially robotic beings—threatened their way of life. Nereid’s father tried to alert the city’s leader of the impending invasion, but his dire pleas fell on deaf ears.  With the Gorts’ invasion imminent, Nereid knew drastic action was necessary if her people were to be saved.  Her father’s small band of followers would not be able to withstand the coming onslaught themselves, so she had no choice but to take to the skies and cross the void of space in search of help from their distant neighbor…Earth.  It remained to be seen if her pleas there would also fall on deaf ears.  This pairing’s second novel is Tom Godwin’s “Space Prison.”  They were marooned on a hell world!  The name of this celestial body was Ragnarok, the most dreaded planet ever discovered by man.  This strange world had thin air and crushing gravity.  The winter nights wrought unimaginable cold upon its inhabitants.  Conversely, the searing summers were the product of the double suns that the planet revolved around.  All in all, the planet was a deadly wasteland, teaming with unimaginable monsters and killing fever.  Yes…that was the grim reality of the planet Ragnarok, and it was where a thousand untrained Earthmen—and women and children—were brutally marooned by a sadistic enemy.  Two hundred died the first night.  In the morning, the survivors knew what they must live for…revenge!

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