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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. Our lead off novel is a space opera gem, Wood Jackson’s “The Bat-men of Mars.  Dr. Leonard Fry was a genius.  He had already conquered the moon, having successfully launched a rocket to its crater-ravaged surface.  But now it was time to reach beyond our nearest neighbor in the sky, out to even greater scientific horizons…the planet Mars.  Fry’s rocket ship, “The Fry Projectile,” was a huge affair.  Shaped like a giant cigar and the length of a full football field, it was a titanic mechanical monstrosity that would literally be shot off into space.  So it was with great hope for new discoveries and new adventure that Fry and his stalwart companion Henry Randolph boarded their gigantic spacecraft.  However, little did either adventurer suspect the awful dangers that would greet them on the distant red planet—a monstrous race of winged creatures that looked like they had just stepped out of the darkest corners of one’s worst nightmare!  Our second novel is by veteran sci-fi author, Henry Hasse: “He Who Shrank.”  The professor’s belief that our enormous universe is just a plethora of tiny atoms didn’t make any sense to the assistant.  It was hard for him to wrap his brain around this fantastic concept.  The professor had told him that each sun was the nucleolus of an atom and that each planet was one of the electrons.  Yep, it was a far-fetched idea all right, but not nearly so far-fetched as the concept of the professor’s new serum—one shot and you would shrink forever!  The assistant was sure the professor was completely off his rocker.  But when the assistant began to shrink, he realized the impossible was possible, and that his life would literally change forever…and not necessarily for the best! Soon the assistant was face to face with larger-than-life germs, wispy indefinable creatures, intelligent machines, and many other scientific anomalies found in the world of the infinitesimally small…

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