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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.   A grim look at the future is the theme of the first novel, “Tomorrow” by John Tains.  The world was on the verge of total collapse!  On the apex of unraveling a scientific enigma, Dakan, director of the observatory—the pinnacle research center of scientific advancement—closely watched the heavens. But all progress he had made would come to a screeching halt when someone in a small isolated community of scientists at the mountain top observatory would betray, not only Dakan’s trust, but the safety of the world!  Unbeknownst to the world’s greatest scientists, one who walked among them had spirited away the very valuable and incredibly dangerous “hydrogen-helium plates.” Left in the hands of an ignorant criminal, the plates’ misuse could leave the world a wasteland and bring an end to humanity itself.  But before this ticking time bomb could be set off on an unsuspecting world, Dakan and his most trusted colleagues set out to find the madman and recover the plates before all was lost!  One of the most popular writers of 1930s science fiction, Neil R. Jones, is the author of our next tale, “Martian and Troglodyte.”  They discovered life on a budding planet!  A team of Martian scientists raced across space on a mission to observe the wild and distant planets of the Solar System. After landing on the world known as “Wroaad,” they discovered, to their surprise, a race of primitive yet intelligent beings in the early stages of evolution.  There were, however, some key differences between the two species. The beings of Wroaad only had one set of arms, and where their sound receiving tentacles should be was instead a mop of untamed hair!  This new world was also blanketed with an atmosphere much denser than that of Mars (or “Nime” as they called it).  In this lush atmosphere life abounded—plant, animal, and sea life flourished everywhere; yet the Martians—used to thinner air—found their lungs had difficulty adapting to this atmospheric heaviness.  But the biggest question facing the explorers from Mars was not so much one of survival from the  elements of a new world, but whether or not this newfound race of creatures would be their friend…or foe.

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