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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.   The lead off novel is William Lemkin’s rousing tale, “Beyond the Stratosphere.”  What goes up does not necessarily come down!  The continuing occurrences of missing rocket ships had scientists Earl Norton and Bob Hart confounded. Rockets were successfully being launched into the heavens, they just never came back.  The entire situation was shrouded in mystery, leaving Earth scientists scratching their heads in puzzlement.  There were many theories flying around.  Some said the rockets had simply disappeared into space and were still hurtling endlessly through the void, while others surmised a more ominous fate—abduction by unknown alien forces.  But regardless of theories, the rockets had to be found.  So Bob Hart and Earl Norton nervously took to the skies in their own ship, determined to solve the riddle of the missing spacecraft.  But would they find a simple scientific explanation, or fall into something far more sinister, as they traveled well beyond the stratosphere…  The second novel in this great combo is “Crypt-City of the Deathless One” by heralded science fiction and fantasy writer Henry Kuttner.  Enter the forest of death at your own risk!  Lost in the depth of the hell-forest of Ganymede was a secret ancient race whose weird technologies and knowledge were Earth’s only chance of survival against a plague ravaging mankind. But to retrieve this knowledge, a staunch group of soldiers would have to battle vampiric carnivorous plants, poisonous butterflies (whose larvae could eat a man alive), and the hypnotic spores of the Noctoli flower, from which no man could escape.  In addition, there were even worse terrors lying in wait within the dreaded Black Forest. But if any man could lead this group through the vile depths of the forest to the sinister fortress of the Ancient Ones, it would be Ed Garth. Garth had once before defied the odds and escaped the clutches of the hell-forest’s most fearsome beasts, but could he do it again, especially now with Earth’s very survival weighing upon his shoulders?

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