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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.   “Dark Invasion” by Frederic Kummer is an intrigue-laced tale of an impending invasion.  The intelligent beings that lived on Mercury faced a grim reality.  Their planet was a dying.  It was slowly spiraling closer and closer to the sun.  Eventually all life would be incinerated.  But the Mercurians had a tremendous technical marvel at their disposal—a teleportation device that would allow for hundreds, if not thousands of their people to transport to other worlds.  There was just one catch, this device needed a fully operating receiver on the target world.   So with time running out, the Mercurians launched a series of unmanned interplanetary rockets throughout the Solar System with instructions on how to build a receiving unit.  Their last hope was that some intelligent being on some neighboring world might recover the rocket, translate the plans, and build the needed receiver.  That intelligent being turned out to be an Earthman named John Harker, and the door he opened might well prove to be the beginning of the end for mankind.  Would he be an unwilling pawn to an interplanetary invasion?  The second novel, “Mystery Moon,” is by one of the most beloved science fiction authors of the 20th century, Edmond Hamilton.  What was the dreaded secret of Saturn’s moon?  Saturn’s moon, Rhea, was filled with mystery.  Few men visited there who came back alive.  No one knew exactly what kind of sinister menace lay in wait on its deadly surface…they just never returned.  But one of the few who had returned was the notorious space pirate, John Randall. Before his death at the hands of the Planetary Patrol, Randall had made many trips to Rhea—always by himself in a single-man space flyer, never accompanied by any of his piratical comrades.  Randall had reputedly hidden a fortune in treasure there.  But now that he was dead it seemed a long shot that any treasure would ever be found.  However, when an Earthbound desk clerk discovered a key to his mysterious past, he soon found himself spiraling into an unlikely series of terrifying events that led him straight to Rhea’s doorstep—and an arm’s length away from the most fantastic treasure imaginable.

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