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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The lead off novel is one of grand adventure by one of the early 20th Century’s most heralded authors, Otis Adelbert Kline’s “Lord of the Lamia.”  An ancient and sinister magic lurked in Cairo!  Startled awake with an acute headache and a bad taste in his mouth, American archeologist John Tane knew something wasn’t right.  He was alone in the quiet, moonlit bedroom of the Egyptian house he had just rented from an eccentric German archeologist. He knew that his symptoms were not of natural origin, but likely the effects of a sleeping potion!  But who would want him unconscious—and for what purpose? Was the perpetrator his cordial German landlord and doctor, or was it one of the strange holy men who had just that day led an odd funeral procession—a procession that had laid to rest the shrouded sarcophagus of a Muslim Saint, now boarded up in the walls of his newly rented home?  One thing was certain, a devious plot was underfoot and John Tane had fallen smack dab in the center of an ages-old conspiracy of supernatural proportion. A mystery so strange it would pit his own scientific logic against the wicked magic of Egypt’s past.  Our second novel is one of great conflict and outer space drama, Clinton Constantinescu’s “The War of the Universe.”  There soon came a clash of might in the dark fringes of space!  Numerous theories have been offered to explain the reason for the occasional hurtling masses that come out of space and imbed themselves in our Earth. These masses are usually passed off as meteorites by our scientists, but can these experts really tell with any degree of certainty where all these “meteorites” come from or why they fall to our Earth?  And what if some of them did not come here by mere chance alone?  What if they were directed here by beings unknown?  Beings from solar systems light years away.  Beings whose intentions are insidious in nature and whose ultimate goal is the submission and conquest not just of our beloved Earth, but the entire Solar System?  This is what mankind and all the races of the Solar System faced.  A provocation from an unknown alien race that could only result in war—a war that would shake the very essence of the universe!

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