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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The lead off novel is a poignant novel of a new disease, far worse than Covid-19, David H. Keller’s “The Red Death.”  It started with three young couples who had trekked into the northern woods on a hunting and fishing trip.  Slowly, one by one, they all fell ill with an unknown disease.  At first their temperatures rose, then the color of their skin began turning pink, and before long that shade turned to a fiery red.  Soon madness overtook them and eventually all six slid into comas.  In the final stages red, mushroom-like tumors sprung up all over their bodies.  It was a long, tortuous death, the horror of which was inconceivable, even to men of science.  But worst of all, this new disease spread like wildfire.  And before long the whole of humanity was engulfed by it.  There were a handful of survivors, though.  And one of them, a stalwart New York journalist, set out to solve the mystery of this new killer plague.  In the age of Covid-19, David H. Keller’s “The Red Death” is not just a gripping tale of medical terror, but a remarkably poignant and unsettling excursion into the grim possibilities of mankind’s future.  The second novel is Emerson B. Hartman’s “Lunarchia,”  Scientist Red Fitzharris realized that his new invention was so revolutionary that some outside party might want to steal it.  It was an incredible new machine, the likes of which would undoubtedly rock the scientific world.  It was supposed to be a highly guarded secret, something that would be unveiled to the world only when Red thought the world was ready.  But when a man named Bob Martin ventured onto his property with a dire warning of impending danger, Fitzharris knew that his invention was on the verge of falling into the wrong hands.  Martin had no idea of the nature of Red’s invention, but when the property became surrounded with enemy agents, both men knew desperate action was called for.  So Red Fitzharris shoved Bob Martin into his new machine and promptly took off…for outer space!  Moments later both men were hurtling across the void toward Earth’s nearest neighbor—the moon!  They were soon trapped in a gigantic cavern beneath the Moon’s crust—the throngs of a weird Lunar world and forgotten civilization. 

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