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Sci Fi LADY VAMPIRE—Anamorphic Widescreen Edition

(1959) Shigeru Amachi, Takashi Wada, Junko Ikeuchi.   This was one of the first Japanese horror films with a modern setting.  A young woman is celebrating her birthday with friends.  Her boyfriend, a journalist, tells of a mysterious woman who is lurking about the grounds.  The woman turns out to be the girl’s mother, who disappeared many years before but hasn’t aged a day.  What is her fantastic secret?  The main vampire in this movie is actually a guy (with a dwarf servant).  There are major differences between the vampire in this film and the more traditional kind.  He goes about during the day, dressed in a snappy suit, hat, and sun glasses.  He can be seen in a mirror, and is only turned into a vampire under the light of the full moon.  And talk about fangs!  Wow.  Watch for the incredible scene where he runs amok in an underground metropolitan bar.  The exciting climax takes place in the vampire’s mist-filled rock castle in the mountains. Cool! In Japanese with English subtitles.  From 35mm.

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