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Armchair Fiction presents classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. This double novel features two engrossing sci-fi thrillers.  The first is Robert Silverberg’s and Randall Garrett’s great tale, “The Beast With Seven Tails.”  There was a roaring surf, a beautiful sun, and a monster from space!  Yes, it was a typical, gorgeous southern California day at the beach.  The sun shone down, the sand was hot, and the breeze was warm—a perfect day for a young couple in love to enjoy a dip in the ocean and steal a few moist kisses while lying in the sand.  Then a walking nightmare appeared!  It had come from outer space, deposited on Earth by a freak accident brought on by the effects of a supernova from a distant galaxy, too many light years away to count.  It was fifteen feet tall, had four arms, and great double shoulders.  It was covered for the most part with long, black hair.  The pelt that covered its chest and belly was silvery-gray.  The long, hairy legs ended in feet armed with razor-like claws.  And then its burning eyes found the beautiful, bathing suit-clad form of Janice…

Laurence Manning is the author of our second novel, “The Wreck of the Asteroid.”  Stranded on the red planet!  In this exciting space opera classic (a sequel to “The Voyage of the Asteroid”), a crew of space explorers finds themselves stranded on our neighbor in space, Mars.  After landing on the Martian moon, Phobos, the crew heads out for Mars, only to have their ship crash land on the barren surface of the red planet.  Mars is a naked world—dry, arid, heartless, and relentless.  The crew is besieged by hunger, thirst, and loneliness—with rescue temptingly above them on Phobos, yet utterly out of reach.  And with the Martian winter well on its way, things looked almost hopeless.

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