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Sword and Sandal AMPHITRYON

(1935) Willy Fritsch, Paul Kemp, Käthe Gold, Fita Benkhoff, Adele Sandrock.  It’s not to often you find a comedy sword and sandal movie (Hercules Against Maciste in the Vale of Woe comes to mind) but this one certainly is—and it’s outstanding!  Jupiter, looking down from Mt. Olympus, falls for an Earth woman, Alkmene, whose husband is the mighty Theban soldier, Amphitryon.  With only a day left before the return of the Theban Army, Jupiter and Mercury come to Thebes (they’re supposed to be in Sparta), disguised as Amphitryon and his drunken pal, Sosias.  They explain that they have returned from war a day early, which gives them a whole night to work their charms on their unsuspecting wives.  What follows is a series of sparkling comedic moments intertwined with several outlandishly funny musical numbers.  The musical sequence where four of Alkmene’s girlfriends interrupt her romantic hijinks is hysterical.  Watch for the elaborate yet hilarious Busby Berkeley-style musical number as the brave soldiers return triumphantly to Thebes.  Fritsch and Gold are outstanding, but Kemp and Benkhoff almost steal the show with a number of hilarious scenes.  A great movie, filled with great acting, incredible sets and costumes, a wonderful music score, and lots of laughs!  In German with English Subs. From 35mm. 

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