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(1924, Fox) Earle Foxe, Grace Cunard, Gladys Tennyson, Maurice Murphy, Derelys Perdueon, Harry Dunkinson.  A lost sci-fi classic finally makes it to DVD!  In the future year of 1940, a young man, having been rejected and humiliated by a girl and gone off to be a hermit in a redwood forest, doesn’t realize that men around the world are dying from a new disease called "Masculitis." By 1950, the dreadful plague has killed every male over the age of fourteen except our hermit hero. When he’s rediscovered and brought back to civilization, he becomes a national treasure with millions of man-starved females craving for him, yet he still yearns for the gal who wouldn't have him.  The scene where he is auctioned off to the highest bidder is a hoot!  The hilarious climax features a boxing battle royale in the U.S. Senate with the victorious senator winning the right to marry the man.  Music score, from 35mm.  

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