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Sci Fi TIME QUARRY aka FIRST HE DIED (Illustrated Edition)

Armchair fiction presents large deluxe paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels, complete with original illustrations.  “Time Quarry” aka "First He Died" is one of the great science fiction novels of the 20th Century.   Published in Galaxy Magazine in 1950, it put author Clifford D. Simak’s name clearly in the science fiction spotlight.  It is a great novel of time and intrigue:  “We are not alone…” As Man continued to stretch his reach to every corner of the galaxy, there was one planet they could not crack. The seventh planet of 61 Cygni had thwarted every attempt of contact by use of a mysterious screen that would stop anything from entering it. But there was one man who was able to penetrate that screen:  Special Agent Asher Sutton—for he alone was chosen by “Destiny.”  Destiny would change Asher Sutton, who would leave 61 Cygni twenty years later, half the human he once was. Destiny had recreated Sutton and given him the power he would need to spread the word of Destiny throughout the galaxy. But the warring factions of the future had other plans as they plotted to literally rewrite history with a war not so much throughout the galaxy, but throughout time itself. 

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