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Armchair fiction presents large deluxe paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels, complete with original illustrations.  “Reclaimers of the Ice” is an exciting tale by one of the early masters of 20th Century science fiction, Stanton A. Coblentz.  They were stranded at the top of the world!  It was a fool’s dream to think that any man could do the impossible and conquer the world’s most desolate Arctic wasteland without consequence.  It would be the Rathbone expedition that would test its luck and try to beat the elements and fate to reshape nature itself.  Although if there was any one man that could make the Arctic bend to his will it would be Stephen Rathbone, a man of inexhaustible strength, inventiveness, and boundless resources. It was his plan—if executed precisely—that would change the world by bring warmth and life to the Arctic.  To make these dreams a reality, Rathbone’s team would first have to brave the Arctic’s harshest elements and weather what nature would throw at them with only science on their side.  However, the Arctic would not bend to science so easily, as the demise of the expedition’s ship (in harrowing storm) would leave them stranded at the top of the world where they would have to survive with what they could, all while still trying to reclaim the  barren wasteland—and shape it to their will.  


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