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Armchair Fiction MAN BAIT

Armchair Fiction presents large, deluxe editions of classic mystery-crime novels.  “Man Bait” is a terrific tale of steamy love, betrayal, crime, and murder; written by that great 20th Century crime novelist, Jack Liston.  It’s a tale of a desperate man:  “SHE HAD HER HOOKS IN ME… Her name was Marcia. She worked in a bar. She was scrawny but beautiful—and she knew how to control me.  It was through Marcia that I came to know Sam Brennerman.  Brennerman was was an acknowledged big shot of New York’s seedy underworld—a real kingpin around town. At first I figured he was being nice to me just 'because.'  Maybe he even liked me. Marcia and I had spent two weeks at a sprawling Westhampton mansion, which he had personally arranged; and as far as I was concerned it was two weeks in Paradise. It was fabulous—nothing but the sun and the sea and the sand—and Marcia every night. Marcia was every man’s dream.  Yeah, Sam Brennerman was being nice all right. But unfortunately for me and for Marcia, Brennerman was the kind of guy who liked to have his kindnesses returned—and he always collected. So Sam Brennerman worked out a little job for me to do just to return the favor…”

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