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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #202

SECRET OF THE RED ORCHID (1962) Christopher Lee, Marisa Mell, Adrian Hoven, Pinkas Braun, Klaus Kinski.  In a change of pace role, Lee plays a determined FBI agent sent in to help Scotland Yard track down a murdering blackmailer and help bust up their crime syndicate.  The killer has a nasty habit of dumping his murder victims in front of Scotland Yard.  One of the better German Edgar Wallace films of the 1960s.  Great fun.  From 35mm.

PATTERN FOR PLUNDER (1962, aka CURSE OF SAN MICHEL) Keenan Wynn, Ronald Howard, Mai Zetterling, Rona Anderson.   What a cool B-movie this is.  A group of WW2 vets seek a fortune in Nazi loot.  Their search leads to an ancient castle nestled by a beach riddled with quicksand where the cursed tidal wave of San Michel will soon return.  The eye-opening climax is most memorable.  A fine veteran cast really shines.  Elements of mystery and horror add to this terrific thriller.  From 35mm. 

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