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Drive in Double Features DRIVE-IN DOUBLE FEATURE #201

THOR AND THE AMAZON WOMEN (1963) Joe Robinson, Suzy Andersen, Harry Baird, Maria Fiore.  Thor takes on a bevy of Amazon women who have been enslaving men throughout the countryside (poor guys).  A terrific “bad” sword & sandal epic with silly dialogue, poor sound effects, and endless, clumsily staged Amazon gladiator fights.  In other words, a brilliantly-made schlockfest.  Seriously, though, in spite of its shortcomings, Thor and the Amazon Women really is a great beer and popcorn movie. Beautiful color and print, 16mm.

HERCULES AGAINST THE BARBARIANS (1964) Mark Forest, Ken Clark, Gloria Milland. Forest, as Hercules, saves a girl from the stake; bends jail bars to escape; carries huge logs and rocks; and duels before Mongol nobles.  But the best scene is where he battles an alligator.  Forest tries to make it look good, but his foe is a big, limp rubber alligator, which rivals Ed Wood’s limp octopus in Bride of the Monster.  Still, this is a fun, action-packed epic.  Transferred from a beautiful color 16mm print.

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